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Noobs Overlord

Real Name: Scott Eh / Scott Ostaffy
Location:The Slurpee Capitol of the World
Class: Fascist Dictator
Favorite Color: Whiskey
Humor: Offensive
Mood: Drunk
Enemies: Technology / Lag
Likes: Kokanee / Shirts / “add”
Dislikes: Spreadsheets / Lag / People /
Special Attack: BUFFERING **Hud uses buffering! It is extremely effective and renders him useless**
Wanted for: Liberal consumption of Kokanee and excessive use of expense reports.
Current games: Titanfall 1 & 2, Borderlands series, Helldivers, Wii sport resort, Super Mario Bros. Wii, all things old school


With a tenuous grasp on reality and an all-encompassing lust for power, Hud’s chief ambition is to rule the world of the internet with an iron fist (presumably holding onto a Kokanee). In the meantime, he handles the overall focus and direction at Noobs.

Hud’s earlier career was at a number of luxurious corporate gigs. He worked up the ranks in a leading international retail company where he was in charge of Financial Services and Marketing. Living the high life, rolling in cash, travelling the world, driving sports cars until corporate slash artists succeed and stage a coup to exile Hud due to his propensity for rolling naked in cash, reading P&L statements without regard to context and the submitting of ludicrous expense reports that include inordinate cash donations to charity. This incites the displacement of our corporate Robin Hood.

Exile sees Hud’s return to his hometown of Winnipeg, murder capital of America’s attic, where his time is largely spent being accused of loitering and being homeless. Often found entrenched into Imeious’ couch, furiously eating brats, swilling beer and gaming while devising his comeback for a profound and prolific expansion over the internet community; the occasional t-shirt design being the byproduct.

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Chief Operations Warlord

Real Name: Unknown
Location: The Mitten
Class: Warlord
Favorite Color: Tenacious Red / Noble Purple
Humor: Astute situational governance
Mood: Sarcastic tall tale teller
Enemies: Sleep, “add”, all these late nights
Likes: AOE, Headshots, Kokanee
Dislikes: Killing mobs 1 at a time, pulling your finger, Hud’s lag
Special Atk: Poofing people into non-existence and preventing Idiocracy, AOE bonus effect included
Wanted for: Toxication
Current games: Titanfall 1 & 2, Borderlands series, Helldivers, Wii sport resort, Super Mario Bros. Wii, all things old school

You have died of dysentery
(Oregon Trail)

Where does anyone’s career take them but on a random walk over the years. Front line burger flipper and pin boy, cart fetcher with a side of bagging, stock room lackey, tutor, production line, cord cleaner, analyst, project manager, honorable mention – multiple downsizings aka unemployment and now a new endeavor, entrepreneur. A crazy ride thus far but hopefully one that will see a few of you, then perhaps hundreds of new friends followed by legions of followers.

A lifelong Michigander who isn’t opposed to an adventure outside his home state, the mitten. The frosty northern friend, Canada eh. Our down under mates, Australia. Maine, California and Florida with many a state in-between; the last uncharted corner, the beautiful north west (next year’s aspiration).

But what about the gaming? This could be a vast laundry list over the years stemming from Atari to today. Do you talk about Virtual Boy or my quick shootin’ duck hunt gun? Too old, what about the latest PC/PS4/Xbox One/Wii U/App/Handheld game? Almost infinite options today compared to the one of yesteryear until the Nintendo/Sega war days. Everybody has their preference from platform to style. I was the Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC, PS4, Xbox One prodigy. We all have our story, our starry-eyed transformation over the generations with that gleam in our eye when talking about games come and gone. Remembering the good ol days of yore they say. Techno Super Bowl, Zelda, Contra (up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A, Select Start), RC Pro AM, TMNT, Super Bomberman, Ridge Racer Revolution, Raiden, Twisted Metal, Gameday, Diablo, what have you. Bottom line though, I enjoy gaming and I’m sharing that love – the marathon sessions, sieges, raids, wonderfully crafted story lines, the always classic headshot, the meeting of new friends and the timeless art of crushing your way through a game with your #2 shoulder to shoulder on the couch… with what are hopefully mushrooming (ha, Mario reference) fans, gamers and lovers of the art.

Thank you for being a part of Noobs. Imester out.

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Ranch Dressing Expert