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Ohhhh yeah! So we got some wicked designs done up, started building a website and a solid idea for our logo. Time to start building it.

Ohhhh no…..

After WAY too much time we have some solid contenders

Noobs Logo attempt


So… I suck at Photoshop. These took FOREVER to make…

Imeious only slightly approves. Back to the drawing board….
Noobs Logo attempt 2


Some small adjustments later. I simply will not admit to how long these took.

But… They still are not perfect. Back to the drawing board.
Another logo attempt

Maybe some Duck Hunt guns will do the trick? Imeious?


Noobs Logo more attempts

Playing with Sega. Still not it. Imeious is still not happy and insists i continue our quest to the perfect logo.

By this time i am a useless pile of Photoshop sludge. I have no energy, I have been living off of coffee and my love for Imeious is dwindling. I am in need of respite but the boss dog will not relent. Karma cracks the whip for me to get back to work.
Boss Dog Karma

Look at her, all smug and bosslike. So i get back to work and finish this thing.

After countless hours and iterations Hud and Ime can come to agreement on our finalized logo!


Dear Noobs logo,


But we love you!

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