We support a number of non-profits by donating all funds from our Epic Charity shirts to suicide & mental health campaigns. We also love to make shirts to help generate awareness for these. It makes us feel almost as fuzzy and warm as our Noobs shirts.



  • Stop quoting me. I’m going to sue you and deport you.

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  • No microtransactions or over priced DLC? But I can’t connect to server.


Hold up noob! We’re swamped with emails right now, and it’s taking us longer than usual to reply.

Please don’t email us to chat. We’ll have to ignore you. Please do email us if you gave us money and something went wrong with your order. Read the WTFAQ then email overlords@noobs.ninja

Or use the “Live Chat” button and feel good about keeping us up all night. We regret everything.
– The Noob Dudes


Can I return my shirt if its not up to my super duper awesome ridiculous standards?

Yeah, no worries. Remember, ALL shirts no matter how great quality will shrink a bit if you wash them in scalding water from the depths of hell and dry in a super nova. So chill, wash em on cold and tumble dry. Take care of that shirt, you wont find them for sale again.

What if I shrink it? Can I still return it?

Our shirts usually wont shrink more than half an inch at most even under the worst washing cycle. But if you somehow work your voodoo magic and shrink it to the size of a poodle. Let us know and we will fix you up. Go ahead and send it back, or better yet, do something nice and give it to a homeless poodle or something

I purchased your charity shirt, but have not received an order or shipping confirmation

We hold off on charging you for this item until we have a good size order for manufacturing (usually 2 to 4 weeks). You will only be charged once we actually start producing the item. This saves on expenses and allows us to donate more to charity in your name, you overly impatient do-gooder

Live chat says unavailable, how do I reach you?

We could be gaming or passed out in a pool of our own drool. Drop a msg into the live chat anyways and we will either log in or email you back

Why don't you just have a phone number to call?

Everyone knows phones are strictly for taking selfies. Plus, years of COD spent being teabagged and screamed at by teens has caused us to have an unnatural fear of other people’s voices.

Dude you guys should have a subscription box

We are working on it. We have tried them and been wildly unimpressed with the quality of outdated garbage. So we will focus on super soft and addictive shirts with epic designs, so you actually want to wear them, instead of throwing a bunch of outdated dollar store crap at you

But your packaging doesn't even include a pin or licky tattoo... What the deuce

We don’t peddle useless trash, just awesome clothing. If you want something to lick, find a window

Do you charge extra for XXL shirts?

Helllll NO. We don’t body shame around here. Now… excuse me while I get back to my bacon facial

What are your operating hours?

Whenever we are around. We try to be available at all times, so if we are awake, we will be on live chat. At Noobs we’re like a family. That’s why we work nights, weekends and holidays. Because that’s when family should be together

This website is poop

Because we built it while on a gaming and beer binge. We don’t even remember doing it, we just woke up and found ourselves to be entrepreneurs